Recognising Human Trafficking  

Half or full day course available

Staff Groups:
This course is designed specifically for senior managers, managers, supervisors and anyone who may have contact with children and/or young people who need to update their safeguarding knowledge with an understanding of human trafficking and recognise the signs. The course is also appropriate for designated safeguarding officers, nursery managers, social workers, local authorities, care managers, teachers, governors and head teachers.

Course Overview:
The course covers how to recognise the signs of children and/or young vulnerable individuals who may be being exploited. How, why and where individuals are targeted and how and why they succumb to the perpetrators. The course also addresses the behaviours and trauma linked to sexual exploitation. The course aims to develop confidence in staff to recognise the behaviour, language and signs of someone who may be suffering exploitation.

Course Aims: 
To provide participants with knowledge and understanding in order to complement the organisations current safeguarding, health & safety and risk assessment policies and assist with self-evaluation and inspection.

Cost: Available upon request.

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