Within Health & Social care, there is an imperative need for high-quality, person centred support across the sector. Care workers may know the definition of Person Centred Support, but how confident are you that they put this into practice on a daily basis? How often do you involve service users in their person centred support, after all, they are the expert?

At Best Practice Training, we have teamed up with The Addy, which is a Halifax-based employment programme for adults with disabilities, to employ a number of service users to help facilitate the course. The individuals engage in roleplays and share positive and negative stories of previous care experiences. This helps to ensure that candidates working within the care sector are providing the BEST Person Centred Support, and that they are also within the requirements of Regulation 9 of the Health & Social Care Act 2008, which states that ‘providers must take to make sure that each person receives appropriate person-centred care and treatment that is based on an assessment of their needs and preferences.’

Claire Turner, head of learning and development at Best Practice Training said: “It’s amazing how many support workers say they are confident in knowing what person centred support is and how put it into practice. However, when they have the opportunity to question people who receive support services, they realise that the crucial points of person centred support are often small details which are specific to the individual.

Claire continued “It’s eye opening to see life from the perspective of an individual who receives care services. It’s also heart-warming to be able to see them have the opportunity to put their point across and have their voice heard. It’s interesting to hear what the service users want, and how it differs to what support staff think they should be providing. I’ve also seen service users develop and build their confidence by assisting with the facilitation of the course, which makes the training a really rewarding experience.”

We find that this is the most effective way to demonstrate what person centred support means. Many of our candidates have been surprised by what they see, and have re-evaluated their own work ethic as a result of the training.

In this video, Maggie Nicholson, a local care worker and house leader, shares feedback on the Person Centred Support course at Best Practice Training.


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