Insights Discovery

“The success of any business is built on the performance of its people. Insights Discovery is designed to help people to perform at their highest level by improving their understanding of themselves. People can then easily adapt and connect with others, which leads to workplaces where innovation, creativity and productivity thrive.”

Insights Discovery


At Best Practice Training we offer insights discovery as a part of our bespoke service. The tool can be effectively implemented into both personal and professional environments.

We have seen the success of insights discovery across a variety of different sectors.

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Recent Feedback from one of our team days:

“Following our management training day last month I would like to provide you with feedback from some of the participants:-

I loved the training and found it  very informative about myself. I was absolutely fascinated how a few questions that I answered could sum me up to a tee.

I have been putting it into practice how you work with others and will let you know how i get on .

I was curious to see how the pre-course self evaluation information would be assessed and used on the day of the training, I was also interested in what my own profile would say about me!

I very much enjoyed the training day, I liked the content, the theories re-profiling and thought it was very well delivered. The training event did leave me feeling i wanted to hear more about my own and others profiles and I would have liked (but time did not permit) more analysis of the profiles and findings. I feel we can use our experiences of the insights day and our profiles to further develop the team and in turn the company.

I found the training interesting and thought the report was spot on. I do feel I have tried to put this into practice when working with my colleagues.

I thought it was brilliant, really makes you look at the bigger picture of everything! Very useful and knowledgeable for both work life and even at home! really enjoyed it. 

From my point of view following the training I have witnessed a shift in some of the relationships between individual managers. I have observed colleagues show a greater understanding in their colleagues communication methods and using the information learned on the day to enhance their working relationships.

The team have shared their profiles and regularly refer back to them.

Thank you so much for a fantastic day!”

Director – Community Support Services

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