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Here at Best Practice Training, we offer a Bespoke training service which is specifically designed for organisations within the Health and Social Care Sector.

We start by identifying your individual organisational needs and areas of improvement, and then design and deliver high quality and effective training tailored specifically for your company.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality, result driven and effective training at competitive prices.

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Bespoke Training Request:

In May 2019, Best Practice Training was asked to create a bespoke training package to equip Community Support Services employees with the relevant knowledge and skill in order to support a young gentleman with a very rare condition, Familial Dysautonomia (FD).  

The first part of the process was to research the condition and then engage with the family of the individual to ascertain how the condition affected them.  Knowing how rare the condition is and how complex it can be, it was evident that the family’s knowledge and input was vital to ensure we delivered training that was person centred.   Therefore, we met with the family and included them in the process of creating some unique learning outcomes, practical group activities and content for the session.  We also invited them to co facilitate the training alongside the trainer.  This gave them the assurance that the training delivered to staff was professional, informative and tailored specifically to the needs of their son.  

We facilitated this training sessions on 24th May and 06th June 2019. The sessions were brilliant and the feedback received from staff was amazing.

The family were interviewed after the first training session giving them an opportunity to provide feedback.

The staff provided feedback after the training sessions.  All of which indicated the value of having the bespoke training with the family involved.   This provided them with an awareness of the condition and more importantly how it specifically impacted the individual who they would be caring for.  They also expressed that it had given them confidence in knowing how to provide outstanding person-centred support.

Some Staff Feedback:

  • Fantastic training, have a lot more understanding to a very rare condition.
  • Gave really good knowledge of FD which I had never heard of. I would feel confident dealing with this now.
  • Due to the training I feel a lot more confident to be able to support the service user. I also have more of an idea how life is for him through the activities we did during the session.
  • I feel I am more confident and knowledgeable in knowing how to support my service user.
  • I am now more aware of Sam’s pain spots. I will be more confident when working with Sam due to learning about the condition in much greater detail. Very helpful course, informative and relevant to my job.
  • I have a much better idea of how to support somebody with FD. Very helpful to have clients mother present to describe him and how to support him.
  • This has been a good training workshop. Jane Sam’s mother was a great help in telling us about Sam.
  • I found the training really interesting; Jane’s input was really helpful to me; it has given me a better understanding.
  • Having Jane here was an amazing idea as she went through everything better than most could as she has spent years learning about Sam’s condition with being his Mum and carer.

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